Grandma Calls.

Slept I like a log

a while forgot my blog

a peaceful sleep it was

nothing to disturb at any cause

hours went by in length

came a call with strength

was about to wake up

when a hand-held me .

I saw a woman in her mid fifties

smiled she with love

caressed my hair with care

felt she had a piece to share.

She called me by name

I looked so tame

wondered how did she know

a woman from many…

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The Help

Help is a noble sort

much or big does not matter

the thought bears a stigma

none other charity does hold

help is a form of simple

a talk with love lives long

a hand offered works high

a direction shown stand above

the very thought itself is the culmination

or can I say it a confluence

where charity and philanthropy

born in the abode of helphelp

spread their wings in and around


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Greed Knows No Bound.

Greed Knows No Bound.

buildingThe rains came unexpected
thunder struck with a plunder
lightning was frightful
these all are Natural design

Another phenomenon accompanied
came down a building high
fell on the ground in shambles
a blast and noise unheard.

The scores of workers inside
went down the fall in panic
a hand inadvertently jutted out
knew not what for.

Shrieks and cries rose high
the expressions reflect…

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The Empire

The sun never sets all day
that be in the erstwhile British Empire
with the east and west under the sway
the daylight gleamed in the entire .

The day seems too long in this part
the days are hot and humid in form
there is nothing very much in short
except the pleasant weather and calm.

This was one of the constituents of the empire
the treasure of the land was exorbitant
was of abundant…

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