The Subtle Difference.

Anything engineered looks mechanical
with a measurement typical
and the angles in focal
looks exactly radical.

Anything that is a spontaneous outflow
with an emotional flow
and the expressions in toe
appears absolutelydownload (46) a glow.

There is a variation altogether
with a thought and feel in tether
the former is stronger
the latter is soft as a feather.

The thoughtfulness checks with diligence

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The Balloon Man

The balloon man as he is called affably
passes through our lane without fail
with a whistle and a noise in a trail
that bring every child out possibly

The man halts by the tree
fills the balloons with air
puts them out in display with care
an array of colours promoting glee

The excited children flock to his shop wayside
touch each balloon with their hands tender
want to have not one but,balloon man

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Wealth of Billions.

It is too much cries she
her face turns red with anger
She is busy like a bee
never once enters into a slander.

Her foes and friends alike
talk about her in length
describe her as a person unlike
portray her as a woman of no strength.

She is lady of authority
stern and disciplined
speaks sense and is positive
reserved and independent.

Her demeanour misleads many
as they find her impossible

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Come Summer - A Relief and a Belief

Come Summer – A Relief and a Belief

Come summer
the sun rages high
the place burns hot
an interlude is on the way
found in the festivals
that abound and rebound.

To beat the heat
the people indulge in celebrations
seek a relief in the rituals
as mirth and rejoice divert
the strain of the scorching sun.

The festivals are colourful
with people attired in their best
the deities adorned with jewels
move in a procession with…

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Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill
went up the hill
goes the rhyme
in all its chime.

The way they went up to fetch a pail of water
tells us there was shortage of water
in those places less hotter
the ancient age faced hardships also Jack and Jill matters.

Brush not the nursery rhyme as simple
it illustrates with an example
Jack fell down in a tumble
and broke his crown in a fumble.

Water has turned a rare commodity
with the global…

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