How Long?

Heard I a story

not of a fairy

of a family

where the elderly

as well as the young

talk with overtures

a boast of their wealth

a lecture on their health

list the cost of each tablet

enlist their expenditure on clothes

tabulate the jewels they have

count the properties they own

Well. it was a drone

proved a lengthy bore

difficult to hear more

unobtrusively made way

through the hot day

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The “Murai” As They Say.

The “Murai” As They Say.

A community to which I belong

known for its munificence for long

a small conglomeration it be

bankers in profession they be

lived modestly all through their life

built palatial houses during their life

well, that be the activities in the past

now the role of the community is cast

difference in their outlook mostly

their prospects overturned greatly

demand dowry for their sons all the…

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Not The Hoary Past.

Not The Hoary Past.

The Dharma I know

not he the brother of Arjuna

of the epic Mahabaratha

a man of unreasonable pride

takes us on a joy ride

speaks of his wealth and pedigree

though they vary in degree

goes on a pilgrimage often

wife also in the run

his children left alone in a way

gone wayward in a day

the eldest lives in the world of drugs

makes the others to shrug

the second girl has gone astray

now become…

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Grandma Calls.

Slept I like a log

a while forgot my blog

a peaceful sleep it was

nothing to disturb at any cause

hours went by in length

came a call with strength

was about to wake up

when a hand-held me .

I saw a woman in her mid fifties

smiled she with love

caressed my hair with care

felt she had a piece to share.

She called me by name

I looked so tame

wondered how did she know

a woman from many…

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